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Attorney Jay Murray has been an advocate for victims of sexual assault in Dallas for more than 25 years. Passionate representation, combined with winning legal strategies, has helped him win millions on behalf of his deserving clients.

How Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted in Dallas, TX

How Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted in Dallas, TX

Sexual assault isn’t just a crime in Texas. It’s also conduct that can give rise to civil liability. So, the person who sexually assaulted you can face criminal charges and be held financially accountable for their reprehensible actions. 

You deserve time to recover from your sexual assault and cope with the trauma you’ve experienced. That can be difficult if you’re also trying to navigate a hotly-contested legal claim for damages. Dallas injury attorney Jay Murray can help.

Count on Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers to handle every aspect of your civil sexual assault lawsuit:

  • Thoroughly investigate the circumstances around the sexual misconduct
  • Determine who, other than the attacker, could be legally responsible for resulting damages
  • Carefully analyze video footage, photographs, clothing, medical records, and other evidence related to your case
  • Interview witnesses and parties with information about your attacker and the sexual assault
  • Collaborate with trusted expert witnesses, including psychologists, medical professionals, forensic specialists, and rehabilitation professionals
  • Calculate the current and future financial costs of your sexual assault, and work to value the more subjective trauma you’ve experienced as a victim of sexual assault
  • Utilliize tried-and-true negotiation tactics to secure a top-dollar settlement during negotiations
  • Bring your abuser to trial and argue passionately on your behalf in front of a jury in Dallas County, TX

There’s absolutely no cost to hire our sexual assault injury attorney in Dallas unless we obtain compensation for your case. Call our Dallas law office to learn more. We’re always here to help – 24/7/365.

What Do I Have To Prove To Win a Civil Sexual Assault Case in Texas?

Texas does not recognize sexual assault as its own tort. However, as the victim of sexual assault, you do have the opportunity to bring a civil lawsuit against your attack on different grounds.

Many times, sexual assault claims are based on torts of assault and battery or negligence.

Assault and Battery

When you file a sexual assault lawsuit against your attacker, your claim will generally be based on assault and battery. Under Texas law, civil and criminal assault are defined the same way.

So, you’ll have to prove that the person who assaulted you:

  • Acted intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly; and
  • Threatened bodily injury, caused bodily injury, or caused harmful or offensive physical contact.

Assault and battery are intentional torts, so proving that the defendant purposely touched you inappropriately is critical to the success of a claim.


You can also potentially file a sexual assault lawsuit on the grounds that another party’s negligence contributed to the attack.

In these situations, you’ll have to prove:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The defendant breached this duty through some unreasonable conduct
  • The defendant’s actions were a direct and proximate cause of your sexual assault, and
  • You’ve suffered damages.

Typically, these negligence claims are brought against parties other than the person who physically assaulted you. This could include businesses, property owners, landlords, schools, and employers. If someone owed had a duty to protect you from reasonably foreseeable harm and failed to do so, they could be partly responsible for your resulting damages.

Our sexual assault lawyer in Dallas will help you build successful claims and fight to secure compensation from your attacker and anyone who put you in harm’s way.

What’s My Dallas Sexual Assault Injury Case Worth?

Every victim of sexual assault will have a unique experience. Every victim’s story will be different. It’s the details of those stories that will ultimately drive valuation.

  • What types of physical injuries, if any, were sustained when you were assaulted?
  • Are you able to continue working since you were sexually assaulted?
  • How has your earning capacity changed?
  • How extreme is the emotional and psychological trauma you’ve suffered?

You can learn more about what your sexual assault injury case might be worth by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney near you in Dallas. Call the Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers to set up a  free consultation today.

What Damages Can Be Recovered in a Dallas Sexual Assault Lawsuit?

Like other personal injury lawsuits, sexual assault cases can help victims recover damages for financial losses and harder-to-value life changes.

In Texas, these are known as economic damages and non-economic damages, respectively.

A successful civil sexual assault lawsuit can help you get money for:

  • Current medical expenses
  • Future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disability
  • Lost wages and income
  • Therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Embarrassment

Sexual assault is an intentional tort. Punitive damages are applicable in cases where a defendant’s harmful conduct is intentional. So when you file a sexual assault lawsuit against your attacker, punitive damages can also be on the table. 

Count on our Dallas sexual assault injury lawyer to help you secure all of the damages to which you’re entitled under Texas state law.

Can Criminal Charges Impact My Ability To File a Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuit in Dallas?

Sexual assault can lead to both criminal charges and civil liability in Dallas, Texas. Just because your attacker is charged with a crime doesn’t mean that you cannot file a related lawsuit for damages.

However, the criminal charges will take precedence. Civil cases can be put on hold until a related criminal case is resolved.

So, you might have to wait to hold your attacker personally responsible through a civil lawsuit.

Can the outcome of the criminal case affect your civil sexual assault claim? Possibly. If your attacker is convicted, that can be used as evidence to support your civil lawsuit. However, you can still win your civil case even if the criminal charges are unsuccessful.

In Texas, the burden of proof is much lower in civil cases than in criminal matters. You must prove your civil case by a preponderance of the evidence. On the other hand, criminal charges must be proven by a reasonable doubt.

Navigating a civil sexual assault lawsuit can be tricky, especially when there are related criminal charges. Trust the Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers to take charge, navigate the process, and help you fight for the financial justice you deserve.

What’s the Statute of Limitations For Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuits in Texas?

In Texas, the statute of limitations for most civil sexual assault lawsuits is two years.

This will give you two years from the date of your sexual assault to formally pursue compensation from your attacker or a negligent third party.

Recent changes to state law extend the statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse. HB3809 provides that child victims have until their 48th birthday to pursue financial justice.

Even though you may have time to file a legal claim, it’s important to take prompt action. Evidence related to your sexual assault case can fade quickly, especially if there’s DNA evidence or other forensic evidence. Witness memories can begin to fade and change almost immediately. The longer you wait to take action, the less likely it is that you’ll secure the top-dollar financial payout you deserve.

Protect yourself and set yourself up for success by calling Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers for help right away. Our compassionate sexual assault lawyer in Dallas is ready to offer the support and guidance you need right now.

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