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If you’ve sustained injuries in a multi-vehicle accident in Dallas, Texas, you might qualify for financial compensation. Our Dallas multi-vehicle car crash attorney at Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers is dedicated to assisting you in seeking the financial support necessary for your recovery.

With 28 years of experience, our car accident attorney has effectively represented and secured significant financial compensation for injured accident victims. To date, we’ve recovered over $110 million for our clients.

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How Can Our Dallas Car Crash Lawyer Help You After a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

How Can Our Dallas Car Crash Lawyer Help You After a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a multi-vehicle collision, the resulting injuries can be severe. To secure compensation, determining fault is crucial. 

Our Dallas personal injury attorneys at Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers are committed advocates with a track record of achieving results. Count on us to inform you about your rights and pursue the compensation necessary for your recovery.

We’ve successfully obtained millions in compensation for our injured clients. We’re ready to leverage our expertise and resources to assist you as well.

When you entrust Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers with your car accident claim, we handle the following:

  • Clarifying your rights and options
  • Conducting a comprehensive investigation
  • Establishing fault
  • Assessing your damages
  • Engaging top experts in Dallas
  • Managing communications and negotiations with insurance companies
  • Representing your case in court

Your involvement is crucial to us, and we’ll keep you informed about major decisions throughout the legal process.

Recovering from auto accident injuries requires time. Let our experienced Dallas car accident attorney handle the legal aspects while you focus on recovery.

Contact us today in Dallas, TX, for a free case evaluation. Our contingency fee structure ensures you owe us nothing unless we win money for your case.

What Injuries Are Common in Dallas Multi-Vehicle Crashes?

While they are relatively rare, multi-vehicle accidents often lead to more severe injuries due to the multiple impacts involved in such collisions.

Moreover, these crashes frequently occur on highways where vehicles travel at higher speeds. Increased speed correlates with more severe injuries in these accidents.

Injuries resulting from multi-vehicle car accidents may include:

These injuries are not only painful but also often result in substantial medical expenses. You shouldn’t have to shoulder these financial burdens alone. Our Dallas-based personal injury attorney is dedicated to safeguarding your legal rights.

What Factors Contribute to Multi-Vehicle Crashes in Dallas?

Multi-vehicle collisions can happen in various ways, often influenced by certain conditions that increase the probability of such accidents.

Common scenarios leading to multi-vehicle collisions include:

  • A vehicle rear-ends another at a stop sign, causing a chain reaction of collisions involving the vehicles ahead
  • Attempted passing leads to one vehicle swerving, subsequently causing a collision with another vehicle
  • Head-on collisions involving multiple vehicles due to an initial crash between two vehicles

A number of factors contribute to these multi-vehicle accidents:

At Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand the distressing impact of car accidents on your life. Our Dallas car accident attorney has secured significant compensation for injured clients. Reach out today for a complimentary consultation.

Can I Get Compensation if I Caused a Multi-Vehicle Accident in Dallas?

Possibly. In Texas, the fault-based insurance system holds negligent drivers responsible for crash-related damages. Additionally, Texas applies a modified comparative negligence principle, which means your damages are reduced based on your percentage of fault. You also can’t get compensation from the at-fault driver if you are deemed 51% or more responsible.

Multi-vehicle collisions often involve multiple drivers, complicating fault determination. Varying accounts from drivers may lead to conflicting narratives, making truth discernment challenging. A proficient car accident attorney can safeguard your rights if the insurance company unfairly tries to attribute fault to you.

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