Texas Child Car Seat Laws

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death and injury for children in the United States. Using car seats, booster seats, and seat belts correctly can reduce the chance of death and severe injury in a car crash by up to 80 percent. Accordingly, Texas has mandatory child car seat laws.

The Dallas child injury lawyers at the Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers represent families when their children are injured in car accidents. We have recovered over $110 million for our clients in just over 25 years of practice in Dallas. Our legal team will diligently fight to get your child the compensation they deserve for car accident injuries.

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How Our Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If Your Child Was Injured in a Car Accident

How Our Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If Your Child Was Injured in a Car Accident

We’ll take your child’s injury case seriously at the Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers. We understand the devastation caused when a child is injured in a car crash. Attorney Jay Murray will meet personally with you to discuss your child’s case during a free appointment.

Experience matters when you hire a lawyer to handle your child’s personal injury case. Top legal organizations have recognized Attorney Murray for his legal experience and results, including The National Trial Lawyers, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and Super Lawyers. We have a proven track record of winning top-dollar awards for our clients. 

When you hire the Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers for help after a collision in Dallas, Texas, you can trust that we will:

  • Independently investigate the cause of the car accident to determine how your child was injured
  • Gather evidence and work with expert witnesses, as necessary
  • File insurance claims and handle the negotiations to settle those claims
  • Calculate how much your child’s case is worth based on the damages
  • Aggressively pursue jury verdicts and settlements for the total amount of your child’s damages
  • Keep you updated about the progress of your child’s case 
  • File a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of your child and fight the case at trial

Don’t allow an insurance adjuster to pressure you into accepting a settlement offer before you speak with a Dallas car accident lawyer. Your child might be entitled to more compensation for their injury claim.

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Overview of Texas Child Car Seat Laws for Dallas Drivers

Texas law requires all children under eight years old to be in the correct child safety seat for their height and weight. If the child is taller than 4 feet 9 inches or is eight years old, they may use a seat belt.

The four suggested stages for child safety seats by the Texas Department of Public Safety mirror the recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Rear-Facing Car Seat – Used for all children under two years of age or until they reach the maximum manufacturer’s limits for weight and height to use the car seat.

Forward-Facing Car Seat – Used by toddlers and preschoolers who are taller and outweigh the limits for a rear-facing seat. Children should remain in the forward-facing car seat until they outgrow the manufacturer’s limits for weight and height.

Child Booster Seat – Used by school-aged children who are too tall or outweigh the limits of a car seat. Booster seats position an adult seat belt correctly for a child. They should use the booster seat until they are at least eight years old or are taller than 4 feet 9 inches.

Seat Belts – Children can use an adult seat belt when they outgrow the booster seat. However, children under 13 should ride in a vehicle’s back seat. 

When purchasing a child safety seat, parents should confirm that the child restraint system complies with the requirements in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 of the Code of Federal Regulations. A child safety seat that does not comply with the regulations violates Texas child safety seat laws.

Violating child safety seat laws in Texas could result in a misdemeanor charge and a fine. However, it could also result in your child being severely injured in a car accident. 

Who Is Responsible for a Child’s Injuries in a Dallas Car Accident?

Texas is an at-fault state for motor vehicle accident claims. Therefore, the party responsible for causing the accident could be financially liable for your child’s damages. 

For example, if another driver runs a red light and hits your car, that driver should be liable for damages. In most cases, the driver’s insurance company handles the claim. However, you can sue the at-fault driver for damages in civil court instead of settling with the insurance company.

Other factors could contribute to a child’s injuries in a car accident. For example, a defective car seat could cause your child to sustain injuries they would not have sustained had the child seat been safe to use. If that occurs, the car seat manufacturer could be liable for some or all of your child’s damages. 

Our Dallas child injury attorneys will carefully analyze all evidence in your child’s personal injury case. First, we’ll identify each factor that contributed to the cause of your child’s injury and determine who is responsible for that factor. Then, we’ll seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages from the responsible parties.

What Should I Do If My Child Is Injured in a Car Accident in Dallas, TX?

Call 911 to report the accident. Remain with your child to help them remain calm until EMS arrives. Never refuse medical treatment because your child could have a serious injury you are unaware of right after the car crash.

While you wait for emergency responders to arrive, take photographs of the accident scene. If possible, make a video of the accident site. Get the names and contact numbers of eyewitnesses. 

Call the Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers to speak with a Dallas car accident attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you obtain legal representation for your child, the better. Car accident injuries can cause numerous complications, including delayed development and impairments related to cognition, motor function, and emotional health. 

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A child can be injured in a car accident because of the impact of the collision. In addition, defective child seats can cause injury or contribute to the severity of the injuries. Contact the Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers to schedule a free case review to discuss your child’s injuries with Dallas injury attorneys.