How Expensive Is It To Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Dallas, TX?

If a Dallas car accident injured you or damaged your property, Texas law protects your right to hold those at fault accountable. Accidents can take a major financial, emotional, mental, and physical toll. As an accident victim, you are likely worried about medical costs, the costs of repairs, and even the losses associated with missing work after the accident. 

Under state law, you can obtain compensation from those liable for the accident. While the law does not require you to hire a lawyer, having a savvy Dallas car accident lawyer who can help you obtain compensation through insurance or a personal injury lawsuit can be invaluable. 

A lawyer can work on your behalf to pursue a favorable settlement or judgment. This lessens your burden. You also have the advantage of having a legal advocate on your side, helping you build your case. 

If you are considering hiring a lawyer, car accident lawyer fees could be on your mind. You might be wondering what the fee is for a car accident lawyer in Dallas, TX. 

Fortunately, many personal injury lawyers organize their fees so you only have to pay if you receive compensation. 

Contingency Fees 

Accident lawyer fees are almost always structured on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay your lawyer after securing a settlement or judgment. The lawyer receives a percentage of your payment. 

If your lawyer’s efforts do not result in a payment to you, you are not responsible for attorney’s fees. Thus, working with a personal injury lawyer who charges on a contingency fee basis is less financially risky than other payment structures.

Some lawyers charge fixed or flat rate fees, which cover the whole service. Others bill by the hour, charging hourly fees. Typically, they will also ask for a retainer fee. A retainer fee is a down payment on legal services. 

When your lawyer charges on a contingency basis, you do not have to worry about paying flat rates, hourly charges, or a retainer. 

How Much Do Car Accident Lawyers Charge?

Lawyers for car accident victims typically charge on a contingency basis. As a result, if you receive money from your case, they take a percentage. 

The percentage typically ranges from 33 to 40 percent. 

Many cases settle. Only a small percentage go to trial, per the American Bar Association (ABA). When they take the case to court, personal injury lawyers typically ask for a greater percentage, closer to 40 percent, because arguing a court case requires additional time and effort. 

Some clients agree to contingency fees on a sliding scale. The charge varies depending on the type of service the lawyer provides.

Hit-and-Run Car Accident Lawyer Cost

If a driver involved in an accident that injured you fled the scene, you could still recover compensation in some cases. A personal injury lawyer could help you track down the person responsible and file a claim against them. 

Your lawyer would charge a contingency fee in this context as well. Should you agree to the representation, your agreement will specify the contingency fee for your case. 

Time Limit for Texas Personal Injury Cases

Texas law imposes a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases. Once you experience an accident, you have two years to file a claim. If you miss the deadline, you forfeit your ability to recover compensation even if the accident was the other driver’s fault. 

If you want an attorney’s help pursuing compensation, it is important to act quickly to avoid missing the deadline on your claim. 

You deserve compensation if another’s negligent driving left you with property damage or an injury. Now that you know it costs you nothing upfront to hire a car accident lawyer in Dallas, it may be in your best interest to reach out for a free consultation to go over your case.

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