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Bus accidents

Bus Accident lawyer

If you were in a bus accident, you could be entitled to compensation from the entity that owns and operates the bus.

Our Dallas bus accident lawyer can help you understand if you have a case.

Lyft accidents

Lyft Accident lawyer

If you were in a Lyft accident, you might be able to get damages from the insurance company for Lyft or the rideshare driver.

Contact our Lyft accident lawyer for help identifying the sources of compensation available to you.

Uber accidents

Uber Accidents

Many people rely on Uber for transportation to work, entertainment, and other destinations. However, Uber drivers are just as likely to cause a wreck as other drivers.

Our Uber accident lawyers can help you hold Uber and its driver accountable for your crash.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents

If you were hit by a car while walking, you deserve compensation for your resulting expenses and trauma. However, insurance adjusters will do everything possible to undermine your claim.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers won’t let opposing parties get away with mistreating you. We’ll work towards a favorable settlement covering all your losses.