9 Things You Should Know About a Free Lawyer Consultation

If you are looking to hire a personal injury attorney after an accident in Texas, the first step you will take is typically to schedule a consultation. Often, these consultations are free. A consultation represents a valuable opportunity to learn about your potential lawyer and gain a greater understanding of your case. 

Here are nine things you need to know about a free lawyer consultation in Dallas:

1. The Consultation Is Truly Free

If a lawyer advertises a free initial consultation, you can expect that consultation not to cost you a single cent. The lawyer’s office should not demand a fee upfront to make the appointment, nor should they charge a fee before you go. If the attorney intends to charge you any fee, they will disclose that policy before you book the appointment.

2. Not All Attorneys Offer Free Consultations

Although most attorneys will offer some type of consultation, some attorneys do charge for theirs. There is no legal or ethical obligation for any lawyer to provide a free consultation to prospective clients. An attorney will not claim that their consultation is “free” if they expect you to pay any amount before or after the appointment.

3. Only Prospective Clients Typically Get Free Consultations

Offers for free consultations are almost exclusively directed toward new clients without any prior relationship with the firm. If you are a current or former client of the firm, you might find that your request for a free consultation is denied. This is true even if the matter is different from the matter for which you previously retained the firm.

4. You May Meet With a Paralegal During Your Consultation

Not all firms will have you meet with an attorney during your free consultation. Instead, some law firms will have you speak with a paralegal about your situation. While paralegals in Texas cannot provide you with legal advice, they can give you important information about the firm, including the types of cases the firm handles and the fees the firm charges.

Make sure to ask whether you will be meeting with a paralegal or an attorney before confirming your consultation so that you know what to expect.

5. There Is No Script For Free Consultations

You can schedule a free consultation with five different law firms and have five very different consultations. This is because law firms have wide latitude to conduct their consultations as they see fit. 

Law firms can decide:

  • How long the consultation will last
  • Which member of the firm will conduct the consultation
  • What information they will present to you at the consultation
  • Whether your specific situation will be discussed during the consultation

However, a few things will be consistent between all free consultations. First, the person you are meeting with is not permitted to lie to you or deceive you. Second, the person may not claim to be something they are not. For example, a paralegal can never claim to be an attorney or have the authority of an attorney.

6. There Is No Obligation

No matter how the firm structures its consultations, part of the meeting’s purpose is for the firm to demonstrate how they may be able to help you with your case. The lawyer or paralegal may explain what services and resources they have at their disposal and what their track record for successful case outcomes looks like. 

Keep in mind, though, that a free consultation comes with no obligations. Regardless of any discussions of how the firm can help you, you will not be required to hire the firm after a consultation.

7. A Consultation Is a Step, Not a Solution

You can gain key insight into your case through a free consultation. For example, you may learn whether you have a viable claim and how much that claim could potentially be worth. You may also gain a basic understanding of what rights you may have and what options a lawyer believes you have going forward. 

However, a free consultation is not meant to serve as a solution to your legal issue. Instead, the purpose of these consultations is to help you decide on what next steps you would like to take in your case and whether you would like a particular lawyer to guide you on that journey.

8. You Have a Certain Level of Privacy Protection

Consulting with a law firm does not create the same type of attorney-client relationship as is created when you hire a lawyer. Nonetheless, the firm with which you consult has a duty to keep the information you share with them confidential to a certain extent in Texas. 

This should encourage you to openly share the details of your concern so that the lawyer or firm can tell you directly whether they can assist with your needs.

9. You Can Take Advantage of Many Free Consultations

Finally, firms that offer free consultations do not mind if you have already consulted with another firm. Take advantage of as many free consultations as you feel you need to find an attorney and law firm you trust. 

This is a great way for you to ensure that the advice you receive from one firm is consistent with the advice you would receive from the greater legal community. It is also an effective way to compare and contrast the attorneys, culture, and approaches employed by various firms.

Free Consultations Come With No Risks

You do not need to feel hesitant about taking advantage of a law firm’s offer for a free consultation. Contact the firm, ask what you can expect with your consultation, and feel confident in booking the meeting. Such a meeting is the first step in your journey toward addressing your rights, whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or a slip and fall accident.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain with a free lawyer consultation in Dallas, TX.

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