Industrial Accident

Industrial Accident. We are committed to obtaining fair compensation for individuals who have been injured in industrial accidents.

Danger originating from technological or industrial catastrophes and accidents, dangerous procedures, infrastructure failures, or certain human activities, which may cause the loss of life or injury, property damage, social and economic disruption, or environmental degradation. The Jay Murray Law Group has over two decades of experience successfully representing individuals who have suffered injuries in industrial accidents.

We excel at these often complex claims, which require an understanding of engineering, mechanics, and construction industry practices.

The Jay Murray Law Group has the ability to investigate and reconstruct the often complex chain of events that leave individuals with serious injuries as a result of industrial accidents. We have successfully represented individuals in industrial accident claims related to construction site injuries, gas line and pipeline explosions, and electrocutions.

Our primary objective is to make sure that our clients and their families are secure and that their immediate and future needs are met. We have helped multiple clients secure substantial recoveries to that end.

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