Staying Safe At the State Fair of Texas: Tips To Prevent Personal Injuries

The State Fair of Texas consistently draws around 2.5 million annual visitors, giving it the highest attendance of any state fair in the country. With all these visitors, accidents are bound to happen.

Injuries at the fair will not just ruin your day. You could require expensive medical treatment or even hospitalization. During your recovery, you may miss work or take lower-paying light duty. Preventing these injuries can avoid these losses.

Common Accidents At the Fair

The fair does not release injury numbers. But with any public venue, certain accidents happen often. The following accidents can injure fair attendees:


Falls generally take two forms. Elevated falls happen when you fall from one level to another. Falls from ladders, balconies, and even rides qualify as elevated falls. These incidents are rare at the fair, but they can happen, particularly to workers, volunteers, and exhibitors.

Same-elevation falls occur when you slip or trip and fall on the same level. Slip and fall accidents happen when you lose traction. Your feet slide forward, and your center of gravity shifts backward. You fall onto your back and head. Common causes of slips include liquid puddles, ice cubes, and spilled food.

Trip and fall accidents happen when your forward motion changes unexpectedly. You lose your balance and fall forward, injuring your chest, face, knees, and arms. Some causes of trips include raised door thresholds, extension cords in walkways, and unmarked curbs.

Traffic Accidents

Fair accidents can happen in the parking lot before you ever reach the fair. Drivers can hit vehicles or pedestrians due to intoxicated, distracted, or careless driving. Parking lot crashes often happen at low speeds. But even a low-speed collision can seriously injure a pedestrian.

Ride Accidents

Ride accidents are not common, but they can happen. They can occur due to faults with the ride or poor training of operators. They often result in riders or workers getting hit by ride vehicles, catching clothing or body parts in ride machinery, or falling.


Unfortunately, violent assaults can happen in any public venue. Last year, three people were injured by gunfire at the fair.

Preventing Fair Injuries

You can prevent some fair injuries with ordinary caution. You can help avoid accidents by taking a few precautions. 

Watch Where You Step

Watching where you step can help you avoid slips and trips. Even when exhibitors and staff members carelessly leave spills, debris, or other hazards in walkways, you may be able to see and avoid them before you slip, trip, or fall.

Follow Instructions

Ride operators will usually give instructions before starting the ride vehicles. Follow those instructions. If your ride vehicle appears defective, ask the operator to check it. Remember that you can always get off the ride if it feels unsafe after you board it.

Slow Down

Exercise caution in the parking lot. Slow down as you drive, and do not dart out from between cars when walking. Keep a close eye on your children and warn them of the dangers that careless drivers pose while you walk to the fair from your car.

Drive Sober or Have a Designated Driver

Many people enjoy a beer while attending the fair. But remember that you must get home afterward. Designate a driver or drive sober as you leave the fair.

Staying Safe At the Fair

Fair accidents can take many forms. Pay attention to your surroundings, particularly on walkways and in parking lots. Stay sober or designate a driver from your group to drive sober. Finally, injuries can happen even when you exercise caution. Contact a Texas personal injury lawyer if you suffer an injury at the fair due to someone else’s actions. You may be entitled to compensation.

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